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Teen Top - Imagine
Anonymous: I ddnt see soam pic?! I wannnaa seee =.=

Maybe she will upload it again when she sees this message :D

Sorry you kind of missed it :l I dont think I’m going to post it again though. Sorry -sittingonamountain

Anonymous: Who's Yuki? She's nevr on here.

Yuki seems to be busy at the minute :(

And me and Yuki became new admins at the end of last year :D

-Admin Ellie

lunieltenshi: Soam you're so pretty!!

Thank you :) It feels so wierd hearing that haha but thank you!

Anonymous: Where ru from soam? you are pretty ^.^

My nationality? I’m from Bangladesh. Thank you… I guess!

Anonymous: You have a nice smile~ :)

Thank you :D

Chunji: Hi-touch at his concert

Isn’t too good but i wanted to make it short and sweet…kind of -sittingonamountain

The Wrong Path

The Wrong Path


Request: “can i request a scenario with niel cheating on you and acting all cruel maybe some violence then coming back because he regrets every thing he did”
Warning: Violence
1) In my opinion, men`s violence like beating up women can`t be forgiven.
2) I`m pretty sure Niel would never be like that, he`s a Christian raised in a pastor`s family after all
3) It`s been a while since I wrote about other members lol. But this was the first request and I had the inspiration to write it
Okay, tell me what you think about it~ - Admin Hyunrim -)

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1004 High Kick Moscow (notes from fans) - translations + video link(s) found on a Russian Teen Top public page. Video credits to their owners

I thought that it might be interesting as these parts probably won`t be translated in fan-accounts. *would be updating* 

picture credits to the owner.

(I honestly don`t remember whose picture is that but if the owner sees that, inform me and I`ll give credits to you ^^)

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Niel is jealous of Chunji because you’re talking to him more than you’re talking to Niel - requested

Niel is jealous of Chunji because you’re talking to him more than you’re talking to Niel - requested


(A/N: The last request: accomplished~!

- Admin Hyunrim -)

POV - Niel

As much as I loved _______s` voice, hearing her call Chanhee hyung`s name in a “cute” high-pitched voice every here and there makes me so sick.
"Chanhee-oppa~~," she did it again and I exhaled loudly, rolling my eyes at her and back to the book I was reading.
Chunji comes inside the room smiling from ear to ear irritating me even more, if that was even possible.
"There cannot be friendship between a male and a female." This sentence kept running through my head, giving me insane thoughts.
"Oh sweetie, did you call for me?" Chunji asks her and she nods excitedly, turning around while holding two different outfits in her hands.
"Oppa, which one?"

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