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Teen Top - Imagine

Ricky: Airport Kiss (As always click to enlarge!)

I loved writing this ツ Let me know if you guys liked it too please! -sittingonamountain

Anonymous: I ddnt see soam pic?! I wannnaa seee =.=

Maybe she will upload it again when she sees this message :D

Sorry you kind of missed it :l I dont think I’m going to post it again though. Sorry -sittingonamountain

Anonymous: Who's Yuki? She's nevr on here.

Yuki seems to be busy at the minute :(

And me and Yuki became new admins at the end of last year :D

-Admin Ellie

lunieltenshi: Soam you're so pretty!!

Thank you :) It feels so wierd hearing that haha but thank you!

Anonymous: Where ru from soam? you are pretty ^.^

My nationality? I’m from Bangladesh. Thank you… I guess!

Anonymous: You have a nice smile~ :)

Thank you :D

Chunji: Hi-touch at his concert

Isn’t too good but i wanted to make it short and sweet…kind of -sittingonamountain

The Wrong Path

The Wrong Path


Request: “can i request a scenario with niel cheating on you and acting all cruel maybe some violence then coming back because he regrets every thing he did”
Warning: Violence
1) In my opinion, men`s violence like beating up women can`t be forgiven.
2) I`m pretty sure Niel would never be like that, he`s a Christian raised in a pastor`s family after all
3) It`s been a while since I wrote about other members lol. But this was the first request and I had the inspiration to write it
Okay, tell me what you think about it~ - Admin Hyunrim -)

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1004 High Kick Moscow (notes from fans) - translations + video link(s) found on a Russian Teen Top public page. Video credits to their owners

I thought that it might be interesting as these parts probably won`t be translated in fan-accounts. *would be updating* 

picture credits to the owner.

(I honestly don`t remember whose picture is that but if the owner sees that, inform me and I`ll give credits to you ^^)

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