"Hi can I request for a scenario where teentop members are being mean to you and bullying you in the corridor of music bank waiting rooms (you are a staff there) and you are too shy to rebut. But later when it gets too much, they confess it was coz they liked you and didn’t know how else to get your attention. Is it too elaborate?:/"

I have decided that seeing as there was no certain member mentioned that would like you, I will just say that they all like you in a friendly way but one member (it will just be a random pick) likes you more than that. I hope this is okay for the requester. It was just because you didn’t give us a certain member. :)

Being a member of staff at music bank was meant to be a good thing. Seeing idols. Meeting idols. Helping idols. Well that part was good but everytime that one certain band came onto the show, it was a nightmare…

That band had six members and them six members would bully you everytime. That band was no other than teen top…

You walked along the corridors of music bank with boxes in your hands. Costumes and makeup were the contents of them and they had to be dropped off at different idol’s dressing rooms.

Just as you turned the corner of a hallway, you saw six annoying faces.

"Well look who it is?" Chunji laughed and the others followed.

"Are them boxes heavy?" L.Joe smiled and it looked sincere although you couldn’t trust any of them.

"Yeah they are." Your reply was quick and sharp. Getting held up in a narrow hallway with six idiots was not in your list of plans and you wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

However, as soon as the words escaped your lips, L.Joe and Ricky pushed the boxes out of your hands causing everything to scatter across the floor. Quickly, you bent down and picked up everything, checking for any marks on the clothes.

"You are too clumsy. You shouldn’t work here." Changjo spatt as they walked past you, not forgetting the ‘little’ kick that CAP gave you.

After placing everything neatly into their places, you made your way to each dressing room, passing the things to each stylist.

Once that job was done, you proceeded towards the stage only to once again be met by teen top.

"Stalking us now are we?" Niel laughed as you just fummbled with your hands. If you were being honest, you were too shy to fight back. How could you? They were idols after all and could make your life a living hell if you made one wrong move. But the thing that always remained in your head was what was the wrong move that you made that made them treat you that way? You always recalled the times that you had met in the music bank halls and not once had you done something to them…

"You are so annoying. Why do you never speak? Boriiiinnngg." Ricky spoke and you flinched when he dragged out the boring, his voice pitch getting higher. Slowly, you stepped to the other side of them and proceeded to the side of the stage.

Time passed slowly and the show soon came to an end meaning that it was time for you to pack up. All of the other staff left around the same time as the idols so straight after the show and you were one of the few left to make sure everything was cleared up. Starting at the side of the stage, you picked up any rubbish or accessories that the idols had left. Then you moved down the hallways to check for anything that could cause accidents.

Your head stayed down as you walked, checking the floors for any rubbish. However, you suddenly bumped into something… or rather someone. This made you quickly bow and walk around them but a hand grabbed your wrist.

"You can’t get away that fast." That voice was one that you knew very well…. CAP.

Slowly, you lifted your head up to see all six of them smirking as you pulled your hand back.

"We waited here just for you." Changjo spoke.

"We just wanted to let you know that you should just quit. You are useless." Once them words slipped from Chunji’s mouth, you went into a flashback. Every time they had called you either useless, worthless, annoying, stupid, ugly, fat or anything like that, sprung back to your mind. Words had never hurt you. You thought they never could. But this time they did. You hadn’t done anything… So what was their problem?

As much as you didn’t want to, you cried. Tears suddenly appeared in your eyes and streamed down your flushed cheeks making you turn around to run away. As soon as you went to sprint, Niel quickly put his arm infront of you causing your body to hault.

"What’s wrong?" L.Joe said and he had panic laced in his voice although it was probably a trap.

"Just leave me alone." That was the first time you had ever done that and it honestly felt good to.

"What?" Ricky said in disbelief. Sharply, you turned on your heels to face them.

"You heard me! Stay away! Don’t come near me!" You shouted in anger but a sudden chill ran down your spine as you realized what you had just done…

”________. Please just listen to us for a second.” Changjo said and you just nodded your head, not wanting to annoy them even more.

"Well since we all ever saw you and met you, we instantly like you in a friend way. Then Niel started to like you even more. But you never noticed us and we wanted your attention and you obviously know what our plan was. We never meant to hurt you so much that you would cry. We didn’t even want you to hurt you at all. Please forgive us." Your eyes were wide from shock at what they had just confessed.

"Is this a prank?" You managed to ask and they all shook their heads.

"Okay… I will forgive you but if you ever do something like this again, I will never even look at you again."

"Thankyou _______." They all smiled and pulled you into a hug.

Everyone needed a chance… So you would give them one.

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I’m back now guys! So I think I will update a scenario on Sunday!

-Ellie :) ♥

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I thought I would just let you guys know that I am going on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow morning so I can’t update due to having no wifi :”( Although it doesn’t really matter as there are three other wonderful admins here to post scenarios :) So I won’t be active for the next two weeks.


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Anonymous said:
~Unniess I've been reading through you guys blog & OHEMGEE! Love that its only for Teen Top ⌒.⌒ I wanted to know from this blog(you guys own blog) what's your favorite smut? And why? ;P

Aww this is so sweet. Thank you love :)

  • I loved this one by Skyler! HERE -sittingonamountain
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"1…2…3" You all started to dance to teen top’s new song. The dance wasn’t easy and the guys had worked hard but you felt like you could have given more effort… But something distracted you all of the time… In fact, it wasn’t a something but a someone. And that someone was called Bang Minsoo.

You had been working with teen top for months to teach them the dance that you had choreographed anf over that time, you had started to fall for their leader…

"Okay guys! Well done! You can go home now and be back here at 6am sharp tomorrow." You exclaimed after the song had finished and the boys bowed before leaving the room, tiredness expressed all over them.

At that moment, you also decided to head off, not wanting to be tired the next day.

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"Your Presence Is Enough" - Niel Fluff (A bit Angsty?)

(A/N: This wasn`t requested, but I had to write this.

- Admin Hyunrim - )

“I need you.” The text said. Niel read it again and again before pressing the call button.

 Normally, she wouldn`t send him that kind of text. Normally, she would send him a lively greeting message. Heck, normally, she wouldn`t even text him at 2 AM.

 He called and she picked up, but instead of a lively greeting he heard little sobs.

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Halloween Mishaps~

(A/N: Teentop pranking you(their friend) during Halloween but things went wrong and you got hurt instead. So they get angry with themselves and get worried about u 

Admin Cassidy- )


Halloween, you had a love-hate relationship with the holiday. You loved to dress up as someone you’re not but then again you also hated that just about everything scared you. You had agreed to go to one of your bestfriend’s, Byunghun’s, house that evening to watch a bunch of scary movies   with your friends for halloween since you didn’t ever get invited to the parties anyways. You arrived at his house only to see the front door hanging open and the entry way dimly lit by the outside light.


You felt a shiver run down your spine and goosebumps on your arm as you entered. You could feel the fear starting to creep through your veins as you reached for the light switch to find that it no longer worked. The door slammed shut eliciting a horrified scream from you. Without thinking you took off through the dark house trying to find a way out.


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"Coincidence" - Chunji Fluff

(A/N: “Chunji, you meet each other at a concert and your relationship starts because you both literally ran into each other?? Hehehe maybe a smut scene too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ *embarrassed face* :3”

 Without a smut scene tho.

 We seem to be productive lately, aren`t we? ㅋㅋ

- Admin Hyunrim - )


 You had managed to become a volunteer for the upcoming kpop concert in your home country and couldn`t get any happier. You were going to be a staff and meet some biases! This felt almost surreal for you, a huge kpop fan. The memories of the organizers accepting you as a staff was still in blur and you couldn`t think straight. Although you weren`t going to get paid and you will surely get pushed around by some overly excited fans and having to do a work that will definitely exhaust you, and you were aware of the fact that you`ll be running errands for all the staff which are ranked higher, you`ll be their errand-girl, but that didn`t really bother you. It felt like a dream coming true.

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exotic-imagine said:
I really loved your last scenario Hyunrim :) And I also really loved your last scenario Ellie :) All four of you keep up the good work and make sure to rest well ♥♡♥♡

So sweet of you. Thank you ♡♡♡ - Hyunrim -

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As you reached for the door handle, your brother ran down the stairs and quickly cut infront of you.

"What do you want Changjo?" You sighed heavily. You couldn’t even walk towards the front door without being pestered by your older brother.

"I want to know where you are going." He said sternly causing you to roll your eyes that now did not want to look at your brother.

"Out with my friends." You pushed him out of the way only for him to grab your wrist and turn your body back around.

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